Getting Plan D On

Getting Plan D On

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This blog details Hannah's experience of producing her play Plan D at the Tristan Bates Theatre, from 25 January to 13 February 2010.

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Post ProductionPosted by Hannah Fri, May 14, 2010 14:57:36

Well Plan D closed 3 months ago now - can it be so long? Last month the play's director Chris White and I travelled to Ghent in Belgium where we participated in the inaugural Palestinian Film festival planned by theatre company Victoria Deluxe and Peace organisation Vrede. It was an amazing weekend with fascinating seminars, discussions and films and I had the privilege of sitting on a discussion panel on the topic of Cultural Resistance.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about Palestine I've decided to post occasional related events here, there is one coming up organised by Living Stones, at St Marys University in Strawberry Hill (coincidentally - where I went to uni). It’s the Michael Prior Memorial lecture being given by

Jacqueline Rose
called Endgame: Beckett and Genet in the Middle East
on Wednesday 26 May at 6-8pm

It should be very interesting.

I'm also currently writing a new play about Palestine - watch this space...